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Sheep & goat tagging

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sheep and goat tagging

General advice for cattle ear tag fitting

Nordic Star cows All calves must be tagged with an approved eartag in each ear within 20 days of birth. In the case of dairy animals, at least one of the tags must be fitted within 36 hours of birth. Complete and send in the corresponding passport application form to BCMS within 7 days of tagging. If an ear tag has become illegible or been lost it must be replaced within 28 days of the discovery.

In order to minimize tag losses make sure you use the correct applicator for the model of tag you are fitting. It also helps if you, where possible, try to remove such objects which may catch or pull out tags.

Click the links below for more information on tag fitting for tissue sampling tags and tag regulations. Fitting instructions for standard tags are on this page, below.

Tissue sampling tag fitting

Animal tagging regulations
Fitting instructions: How to tag your cattle
Nordic Star tag fitting instructionsSecure the animal's head to prevent jerking and continue as follows:

1. Start with the primary tag. It may be applied in either ear. Separate the male part from the female.

2. Place the male part firmly on the applicator pin.

3. Push the female part under the tongue into the jaw of the applicator. Make sure the parts line up correctly on the applicator and will lock together when correctly fitted.

4. Disinfect

5. Place the male part of the tag on to the back of the ear with the female to the inner ear. The tip of the male part should be in the centre of the ear, between the ridges of cartilage avoiding any obvious veins. Squeeze the applicator firmly together.

6. Rotate the tag to the right and the left to ensure free movement.

Secondary tags

Repeat procedure with the secondary tag in the other ear. Ensure that the secondary tag bears the same number as the primary tag.

Metal tags

When fitting metal tags to calves choose a location at the top of the ear about 1/3 from the head. Leave enough space (1/3 inch) under the fold of the tag to allow for ear growth. The 'curl lock' should be positioned in the inside (front) of the ear.

Further checks

Check the ears after a few days and disinfect as necessary.

Tagging instructions
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