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DNA Testing

A recent addition to the Nordic Star catalogue, these tags incorporate the tried and tested Caisley Geno sample tube as used for BVD testing but have a special liquid preservative tube specific for samples destined for genomic or DNA testing. 

As part of the NMR Group of companies and with our industry partner Zoetis, the DNA sampling tags have become an ideal way for our customers to start genomic testing. There are many testing options available and the tags are compatible with all genomic tests available through NMR in our in house laboratory or the international Zoetis laboratory in North America. 

Our dedicated support team can advise on everything from the tags to genomic sampling so we can offer a fully incorporated service from ordering tags to genomic submission support. 

Order Genetic Tags Here


You can learn more about genomic testing on the NMR website.

No, our universal applicator will apply these tags.

If the white tubes do not have liquid preservative in them then unfortunately they wont be suitable for DNA testing- Please call us to discuss options.

At the moment we don’t offer a BVD test with DNA analysis combined, we would suggest to have one tag for the BVD testing vial and the second tag for the DNA sampling vial.

No, you can order a run of tags for female animals and a separate run for bull calves. Other sampling options are available if 2 separate runs of tags doesn’t works for your farm, please contact us for more details.

DNA parentage testing or genomic analysis/evaluataion can be done with the samples but we would ask you to check with your chosen laboratory if not testing with us if the samples can be submitted or any special requirements