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Sheep & Goat Tags

Sheep Tags

Nordic Star sheep & goat tags are a simple, cost effective option for tagging your sheep and goats. They are a one piece fold over tag that is either visual tag or an EID tag available in various colours to suit any tagging needs.

Our sheep tag applicator applies both EID & Visual tags. 

Tags are available as either 'Breeding Tags' or 'Slaughter Tags' - If you are unsure as to which tags you need to order, please see a brief guide below:

Sheep Tags

Sheep being kept over 12 months of age must be double tagged (Breeding Pair) with a Yellow EID & Visual tag (Visual tag must not be yellow, black or red).

Sheep going for slaughter or being sold within 12 months of age must be tagged with a single yellow EID tag (EID Slaughter Tag)

Sheep that have lost both tags and the individual number is not known should be retagged with a Red EID & Red Visual tag (Red Replacement Pair)

Sheep that have lost one tag and the individual number is known, can have a like for like Replica tag produced- Please call to discuss.

Goat Tags

EID tagging is optional for goats

If the customer wants to use EID tags for goats, the rules for sheep as above apply.

If they are not to be electronically, the below applies:

Goats to be kept over 12 months of age

Pair of visual tags (Any colour other than yellow, black, or red)

Goats to be sold/slaughtered before 12 months of age

Single slaughter tag (Any colour other than yellow, black, or red)

Goat Tags