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About us

With over 27 years’ experience in the animal identification field, Nordic Star has a proven track record in delivering cost effective, high quality tags for farmers, with ease of ordering and quick smooth delivery of tags back on farm being the focus of our work.

Ear tags can be ordered via the phone (office hours), website (mobile enabled), and UNIFORM-Agri’s tag ordering module.

Our Harrogate based team of tag specialists are experienced and able to help you purchase the right tags for your business, based on what you want the ear tags to do, as well as helping you comply with the latest legislation.

We are unique in the animal identification market place, having our own UKAS accredited labs, testing BVD and DNA tissue samples. Our prepaid envelops for the return of tissue samples mean there is no queuing at your post office, (this is included in the price of the BVD and DNA tags we sell).

Whilst the majority of tags we sell are for cattle, we also sell sheep, goat and pig tags.