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Sheep & goat tagging

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sheep and goat tagging

Tag fitting

Below are links to some general advice and fitting instructions for fitting ear tags on your cattle, sheep and pigs. Click on a link for more information.
Tagging your cattle
Nordic Star cattleCattle ear tag advice and fitting instructions

All calves must be tagged with an approved eartag in each ear within 20 days of birth. In the case of dairy animals, at least one of the tags must be fitted within 36 hours of birth. In order to minimize tag losses make sure you use the correct applicator for the model of tag you are fitting.
Tagging your sheep
Nordic Star sheepSheep ear tag advice and fitting instructions

You will have to apply two identifiers, both bearing the same unique number. For sheep, one must be electronic.The electronic identification (EID) identifier you use must meet certain standards in order to be used for EID purposes.
Tagging your pigs
Nordic Star pigsPig ear tag advice and fitting instructions

 All pigs, regardless of age, moving to a market are required to be permanently identified, regardless of whether their onwards move is to slaughter or another holding. Pigs going to slaughter must use an ear tag capable of surviving the processing of the carcase following slaughter.
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