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Sheep & goat tagging

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sheep and goat tagging

General advice for goat ear tag fitting

Nordic Star goatYou must identify sheep and goats born or first identified after 31 December 2009 within:
  • six months of birth if housed overnight
  • nine months of birth if not housed overnight
  • when they move off the holding of birth if this is sooner

You will have to apply two identifiers, both bearing the same unique number.

For sheep, one must be electronic.The electronic identification (EID) identifier you use must meet certain standards in order to be used for EID purposes.

Exemption from double identification for sheep and goats intended for slaughter. You do not have to double identify sheep and goats identified for slaughter within 12 months of birth. Instead, you can apply to these animals a single slaughter batch tag - this can be electronic if you wish.

(Source: DEFRA)

Click the link below for more information on tag regulations. Fitting instructions can be found on this page, below.

Animal tagging regulations
Fitting Instructions: How to tag your goat
Secure the animal's head to prevent jerking and continue as follows:

1. Start with the EID tag. It is to be applied in the left ear. Separate the male part from the female.

2. Place the male part firmly on the applicator pin.

3. Push the female part under the tongue into the jaw of the applicator. Make sure the parts line up correctly on the applicator and will lock together when correctly fitted.

4. Disinfect

5. Place the male part of the tag on to the back of the ear with the female to the inner ear. The tip of the male part should be in the centre of the ear, between the ridges of cartilage avoiding any obvious veins. Squeeze the applicator firmly together.

6. Rotate the tag to the right and the left to ensure free movement.

Visual tags

Repeat procedure with the visual tag in the other ear. Ensure that the visual tag bears the same number as the primary tag.
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