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Sheep & goat tagging

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sheep and goat tagging

Animal ear tagging regulations

You can read about ear tag regulations below, along with links to further information.
Cattle tagging regulations
Nordic Star cowsCattle are required to be identified with ear tags giving them a unique identity within the national herd. Those animals born since 1 July 1996 must also be accompanied by a cattle passport confirming the identification details – sex, breed, date of birth, identification of the mother – and recording its movement history.

All cattle must be double tagged with a primary and secondary tag. The primary tag has to be distance readable and therefore a minimum size is required.

All dairy animals must be tagged within 36 hours and all beef animals within 20 days.
Bison must be tagged within 9 months of birth or before weaning, whichever is sooner.

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Sheep tagging regulations
  • Nordic Star sheepWhether you keep one sheep or goat as a pet, or a commercial herd/flock you need to follow certain rules regarding the identification and movement of your animal.
  • Sheep officially tagged before January 2010 do not need any other form of identification.
  • Animals intended for slaughter before 12 months of age require an EID slaughter batch tag.
  • Animals that are not intended for slaughter before 12 months of age e.g. breeding sheep, must be double tagged and both bearing the same identification number, one of which must be electronic.
  • Any sheep losing a tag and being unidentifiable must have double red replacement tags inserted. If you discover an identifier has been lost or damaged, you must replace it within 28 day of noticing that it was lost or damaged.

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Pig tagging regulations
Nordic Star pigPigs can either be tagged or slap marked. The tags must be metal for animals going to slaughter, however plastic tags are suitable for breeding animals.

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